Monday, June 23, 2014

Games For Language

I found this course a while back, but it wasn't really complete when I found it. Now that it is, I want to review it for you. Okay, actually I'm addicted to it.
It's super fun.
First off, they treat learning languages entirely as a game.
There are five or six different games that teach you selected vocabulary and phrases. Oh, and these aren't random either. All of the vocabulary being taught is going to be used in a story that you get to read after you are finished with the lesson. There is no rote repetition at all. Just fun games that test you on your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. The collection of games covers all the important bases of language learning.

You can also record yourself speaking which is a huge bonus and benefits you. Oh, and this another site that's completely free. You just need to register. So go sign up!
Hope you enjoy it,
Love Destiny
Languages: English (for Spanish speakers), Italian, German, French, and Spanish.