Saturday, May 4, 2013

Google Chrome Web Store's Foreign Language Section

If you have Google Chrome then you have a great resource for learning languages at your fingertips. I may review some of the apps as a separate review in the future but for now I wanted to review the section as a whole so that you would be able to utilize it yourself and find exactly what you are looking for.

Chrome Store > Education > Foreign Languages

Once you are here you can browse through the apps or you can use the search bar to find the specific language that you want to learn. I like to try out all the language courses so I decided to scan the whole section. It was fun!

Some of the apps I will definitely be reviewing in the future

I will probably review more of them that if I find one I love (or hate! You gotta know about the bad ones, too, right?)

So, if you have Google Chrome then you should go check it out. Right now! 

If not you should go get Google Chrome (unless your parents said you're not allowed)

My mom says I need a disclaimer that I am not promoting Google Chrome.

But it is my main browser and I do like it and I do find the App Store on it way useful!


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