Sunday, September 22, 2013

Utilizing Youtube For Language PRACTICE.

Aside from using Youtube to learn languages, you can also use it to practice languages.

Chinese Practice
This t.v show appears to be for preschoolers. It has singing, captions (in Chinese characters), and fun. It should be easy enough for beginner to intermediate Chinese learners. Beginners will catch at least some of the words.

Die Zauberer Vom Waverly Place (German Practice)

You can find Disney shows in a lot of language. Here is one example: Wizards Of Waverly Place. In order to find your favourite show in the language you are learning, it helps to translate the show into the language first and then do a Youtube search.

I recommend this for intermediate/advanced learners.

Trotro (German Practice)

Trotro is a very simple, easy-to-understand cartoon for preschoolers with simple language. If you have the knowledge of a 4-5 year old in your target language you should be able to understand Trotro. Very good for beginners.

Trotro comes in a few other languages.

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