Monday, October 7, 2013


Someone on a forum was struggling with telling time on a Spanish forum, so I searched "cómo decir la hora"  and I came across THIS website. This wonderful, fantastic Spanish learning website!

It is called mySpanishgames and it is 100% free.

It runs on donations, so if you can afford it, please donate.

There are different categories, including Stories, Songs, Games, Vocabulary, Fun Grammar, a book store and a teacher's corner.

The website has quite a few fun games. You don't have to know Spanish to play the games, but a little knowledge does help.

One of the games is called ¿Quiénes? If you have ever played Guess Who? you will love ¿Quiénes? Eliminate the suspects according the clues given If the game says "Lleva zapatos negros" or "Is wearing black shoes", click on the people that aren't wearing black shoes to eliminate them.

You can also read and listen to some fun stories on this site. They are very easy for beginners to understand.

In the fun grammar section, the grammar lessons are also basically games. Above is a lesson indirect objects.

All of the games and lessons on this site are tons of fun, so go and try it out! It's definitely a winner.



  1. really cool! i may try it, as my spanish is in its infancy! thanks

    1. You're welcome. I hope you find it fun!