Wednesday, January 3, 2018

LingoDeer: A Five Star App for Learning Asian Languages

Hi everybody! It's been a while. Today, I wanted to introduce you to an app I recently discovered. I kept hearing about LingoDeer through the language-learning community grapevine (yes, that is a real thing), and all I heard was good things. I was excited to try it!

LingoDeer is an only an app at this point. But it's definitely one you want to have if you are learning Japanese, Korean, or Mandarin Chinese.

I got under a cozy blanket and spent at least twenty minutes working on this cool app. I might have actually spent more time as I lost track of it.

The app is very fun and game-like. When you get an answer correct, you hear a Ka-Ching! sound with is a positive sound, in my opinion.

The game will have you drag and drop characters onto the board to construct a sentence. It will also have you practice writing the characters. Every feature of the game was fun. There was no part I didn't like.

The voice was good and clear, too!

Ready for the best part? I found myself remembering the words that I had learned. Sometimes, I try out a course for Mandarin Chinese, and I forget the vocabulary immediately. (Mandarin is one of the tougher languages for me to learn.) But with LingoDeer that didn't happen! Now, I want to shout about it from the rooftops.

If you're leaning any of the three languages they offer,


(Can you tell I'm excited about this app? Lol)

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