Monday, April 15, 2013


This morning I sat in my kitchen eating breakfast while I always do. I couldn't decide what language course to review next but I was thinking hard about it.
"I think I've done every language." I sighed.
"Not Sign Language." Olive signed to me from across the table.
She was right. So, I set out to pick an ASL course to review and decided on this one!


ASL Pro has a dictionary and quizzes to help you learn ASL (American Sign Language.)

ASL Pro's Dictionary
I recommend checking out the dictionary first. You will find that signs are very easy to remember. That is why is some parents teach their babies to sign. My mom taught Faith and me. She also taught Olive. It helps us to sign with our friend Dustin who is deaf!

A quiz of everyday signs
I browsed the site and found a nice quiz on everyday things. I like the fact that this site has quizzes on it. It makes it stand out above the rest!

A fun animal quiz for kids like me!
There is a kid's area! I was so excited when I saw the kid's area that I immediately clicked on it. The colors were brighter than the rest of the site. I loved it. Olive loved it, too.

I noticed that ASL Pro was free but that they need donations to run. So, if you can spare some of your allowance you should lend them a hand!

I found a lot of good stuff on here. Dictionary, quizzes, games, and other tools.

If you're interested in learning American Sign Language you should go check it out. Right now.

Right now, I say!


Languages: American Sign Language (ASL)

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