Thursday, April 25, 2013


Nulu  is a site that is still in development. You read articles while listening to the words being spoken by a native Spanish speaker (or English speaker) with a pleasant voice. You can discuss the articles in the comments and you can review what you have learned.

Pick an article that you like and then click on it. You can hover over any phrase to see its translation.

You can try to read the article on your own while listening to the speaker. If you don't understand a word all you have to do is over the area. It's great practice.

I don't recommend this course for the total beginner who has never learned any Spanish before. It's more for people who have been learning Spanish (or English) for a while and need to practice it and use it. It's good for reading and listening comprehension skills. Go check it out!


Languages: English, Spanish, (French rumored to be on the way)

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