Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lingo Friends

Lingo Friends is great site that I discovered where you can get a penpal for a language exchange. If you don't know already, a language exchange is when you help someone learn your language in exchange for them helping you learn theirs. I hope that isn't too confusing for you.

You have to sign up. Once you do you can add languages you speak and how well you speak them. Which languages do you want to teach and which languages do you want to learn? There are lots of options for languages.

Once you have completed your profile you can search for friends.

A good search will help you find the right pen pal for you!

You can choose whether your penpal is male or female, how close they are to your age, and even what kind of interests they have. Then you'll get a pen pal who is really compatible with you.

These little icons tell you how the pen pal wants to communicate. Email, Skype, Google Talk are shown here.

When you search you will get information on each of your potential pen pals. There are a lot of pen pals to choose from. Look at the information and make sure you want to communicate in the same way and then click on their profile and send them a message! 

Some people want to communicate with Skype which is a video chat. If you don't know about Skype look it up but don't download it or use it without your parent's permission if you are  a kid. You could get in trouble.

There is more to the site, including real tutors you can hire and a forum where you can chat with others. So, go check it out and find YOUR new language buddy!


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