Friday, April 12, 2013

The Angry Family

The Angry Family, arggggh! No, they were really just hungry, but now they are called the angry family. 

Mr. Angry Cloud just wanted to learn a language but he needed a group of like minded people so he could start a language family. This way they could practice and learn the language together!

He met Carrot, Lightbulb, Mr. Angry Potato Head, and Mr. Angry Wolf.

Together they make up the Angry Family.

So, now you might be asking me what exactly is the Angry Family?

It's a series of videos that are meant to funny and educational.

They make you laugh while helping you learn and practice your language.

Some videos are mostly educational while others will make you laugh so hard you cry!

This is Faith's favorite. Partly because she loves funny cartoons about talking objects. Partly because she is lazy and this requires no effort on her part.

Yes, I did just call my twin sister lazy on the internet! Ha!

You can watch the videos on Linguacast's website. The links are all below!

You can also watch them on Youtube but I think they are easier to find and better organized on Linguacast's website.

Go check them out! You will laugh. I promise.


Links to Angry Family Series

Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish

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