Sunday, April 7, 2013


Genki can help you learn Japanese through fun songs that will stick in your head forever and ever until the end of time.

There are quite a few songs that you can listen to and watch the video for free on this site.

They include Who, What, When, Where?, The Weather, Where From?, Left And Right, and quite a few others. I could list them all but then where would the fun in checking them out for yourself be?

There is also a games section.


Because who doesn't love games?

These are the games offered for Genki Japanese. Notice there are quite a few?
The games all have a method of try, fail, and try again until you learn the words naturally. One of the games is called, My...hurts! and the little doll says what hurts in Japanese and you have to guess what he said by clicking on it.

Most of the material is free but the guy who made it also has versions and it is good if you need the extra material or if you want to support him since he has given so much to the community. He does not overcharge for his materials like most language companies do. He doesn't charge hundreds of dollars [like one famous language company we know, won't name names] or even a hundred dollars [like a lot of language companies that call themselves affordable]. He charges $37 for a whole package. And even though, at eight, I would have to ask my mom for that, I think it's a reasonable price to ask for a program as good as this one.

He teaches other languages besides Japanese.

There is Spanish which has seventeen good games including Do You Like...?

First you can practice the words by clicking on them. Then you can play the game. The lady says Te gusta...? and then she adds a word like manzanas and you have to click on the apple or the word she says and when you get it right the doll climbs a ladder and the lady says "Bravo!" or "Muy bien!"

There is also a few other languages listed below including Chinese and Korean. Some of the languages only have games or only have music but every language has something very fun to do. So, go check it out. Sing, dance, and play your way to a new language.

Have fun!

Languages: Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Thai, German, French, Math, English

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